Walgreenslistens® – Official Customer Experience Survey 2019

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Walgreen Survey – A step by step survey guide

Walgreens is an American company that specializes in health and wellness, filling prescriptions, health information and more. The company operates more than 8,000 stores across the country and has been in operation since 1901.

These stores offer pharmacy services across the nation, giving their customers access to a variety of medications to manage chronic and complex medical conditions. It also offers infusion therapy services, including the administration of IV medication for cancer treatment, heart failure, chronic pain, and other disorders. The company offers these services from the comfort of your home, the workplace, in the doctor’s office or a treatment site that the company comes up with.

Additionally, you can enjoy clinical services that include lab monitoring, review of the medical profile, nutritional assessments, and caregiver education. The advanced pharmacy system helps the pharmacists to fulfill prescriptions the right way in the shortest period possible. With this in mind, and the ability to handle thousands of prescriptions each day at select pharmacies, then it is in order to try and offer the best services to clients. This is why they perform the survey.

The Role of the Walgreen Survey

  • The information that will come from the survey provides the company with valuable feedback on the aspects of service delivery. The company has designed the survey to find out how well the products that the company offers to meet the needs of the customer. The survey seeks to highlight the problems that you were experiencing and which the company was not aware of. So, make sure you say it the way it is.
  • With the survey, you can express your views without fear of retribution. The information you provide will be confidential, and no part of the specific response will be shared. You also get to trust the company since they have the capacity to ask for your views.
  • The company will share the findings from the survey and use the info to upgrade their service delivery. Doing this helps you understand the operations of the company so that you understand how the operations are relevant to your experience. The questions you will answer are focused on helping the company highlight the importance of various departments with the aim of building a customer-focused attitude.
  • The company gets to know its strengths and weaknesses. It can get then come up with ways to make sure the challenges are handled and made a priority.

These are just a few roles of the survey that you will take.

The Reward

So, what is the incentive when you take this survey? You stand to win a whopping $3000 from the company. The prize money comes in the form of a check to your mailbox. Imagine what you can do with $3000!


Sadly, not everyone is allowed to participate in this survey. First, you must be a previous customer to one of the stores that the company runs. This is because you will need the receipt number to enter the sweepstake. It is also because the information is needed from a previous customer, not just anyone.

You must also be at least 18 years old at the time of the entry to qualify for the survey. You must also be a legal resident of the

How to Begin  Walgreen Survey

Before you go to the official site, you need the following:

  • A computer, tablet or phone that can access the internet.
  • Have a recent Walgreens store receipt with the survey invitation printed on it.
  • Able to read and write in Spanish or English.


You need to navigate to the Walgreens official survey page, wagcares.com | Walgreens Win $3000 Survey, and then choose a language. You have two options when it comes to this – English and Spanish. The default is English, so to change click on the link for Spanish (Espanol) found at the lower part of the page to take the survey in Spanish.

Additionally, you can enter the survey via a post by sending a postcard with your name, postal address, and the telephone number to the company address.

You need to have your receipt because it contains the information that allows you to proceed. Fill in the survey number (11 digits), password and time of visit, all of which are on the receipt to start the survey. You can check out the rules that govern the survey at the bottom of the page before you continue.

How to Proceed

Once you have gained entry to the survey site, the next page shows you some information regarding the survey. Take time to read the info so that you can proceed to know what to expect. Click next to go to the next page.

The pages offer easy navigation so that after you complete the section, you click on next to move to the next section.


The survey contains various sections that you need to fill to make sure you communicate best. First, you will be asked about your experience at the company. The rating is scaled from 1 to 9; you choose the right rating depending on what you think the experience was worth.

You will also be asked whether you can refer the company to family and friends. This is also marked on a scale of 1-9 as well.

Other questions touch on your purpose to the company and the product you were after. You have to answer whether you got what you were looking for and whether you were happy with this service or not.

You also have to talk about the friendliness of the people at the company, whether they were friendly or not.

When the survey is over, you are given the option of entering the sweepstake or not. If you choose to enter, then submit your contact details, including the name, mailing address and the telephone number.


You must complete and submit the survey within 72 hours after getting the invitation. Completion of the survey grants you a single entry into the Sweepstakes, giving you the chance to win the $3000 that is up for grabs.