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Popeyes food point started in 1972 out of the demand that was in the market for chicken fries. It joined the market to compete the Kentucky Fried Chicken. However, after some months, the competition seemed not to be favoring the popeyes since it did not have the best flavor of the chicken. In 1985, the company gained its popularity against all the odds. By 2017, Popeyes had about 2,600 restaurants in the whole world. It operated a revenue of US$ 946 million in 2018.

The tellpopeyes survey is generally aimed at promoting clients while at the same time getting to improve its services. By participating in the tellpopeyes survey, you can get coupons which you can use to buy products at a discount. The more you participate in the survey; you get more chances of gaining a lot in terms of promotions. Today there are many food options you can enjoy from different flavors of chicken, mashed potatoes; fish to mention a few dishes. If you have never heard of such an offer, you can learn more from the website The early you participate in this offer, the better.

TellPopeyes survey Guest Satisfaction Feedback

This survey gives you a chance to win coupons and discounts while at the same time you are being used as a change urgent based on your genuine feedback about the services and the products. When participating in this survey, you are encouraged to be authentic. There is no need of talking only about the positive part of the company and keep silent about the negativity which of essence is what should be improved. Once you finish a survey, you will be given a code which you can use to make your purchase without having to pay for anything. If you want something whose value is more than the value in the coupon code, then you will have to add more cash based on the difference.

Free Popeyes survey coupon

Once you have successfully gone through the survey, you are given a free coupon code for your next purchase. You are given a given percentage discount for your purchase. Apart from the discount, you can as well win a price of up to $1000 as a lucky participant in the popeyes survey.

Terms and conditions for participating in the popeyes survey

  • You must have a recent receipt for the last time you visited the restaurant
  • The participant must be a resident and a legal citizen of the United States of America
  • The participant must not be an employee in the restaurant or a relative to any employee.
  • The participant must be 18 years and above
  • Only English and Spanish are used in the survey
  • The participant must have been invited to take the study

A complete guide on how to participate in the Popeyes survey


Participating in the survey is not complicated. You can follow this guide to take part in participation. Here are the practical steps:

  • Step 1: visit the survey website

To start your survey, you need to get to the website Once you have logged in to this website, the survey will be displayed on the site. Your responsibility at this point is to follow the simple instruction that you will be given. It’s a matter of answering questions.

  • Step 2: choose your preferred language

The survey can be taken only in either English or Spanish. You will have to use the language which you are well comfortable with. Do not choose a language you are not sure with since you might not communicate well your mind. Additionally, you might have to take too much time or even start it a fresh after realizing that you can no longer proceed with it.

  • Step 3: Click on the ‘Take Survey’ icon

After choosing the language, you will see a button written ‘Take the survey.’ This is just a confirmation that you are ready to take the survey. Remember you are never forced to do the survey. It is out of your willingness. By clicking the bottom, you agree that you are willing to take the study.

  • Step 4: fill in the details of your most recent receipt

In your recent receipt, there are such details as the total amount of money you spent on your last visit. Also, fill in the date of your previous purchase. This step indicates merely that before you take the survey, you will need your recent receipts with you. Failure to give incorrect information may mean that your survey will not be successful. Do not overlook some things.

  • Step 5: go ahead to answer the given questions

You are almost there. Do not worry about the next question which you will be asked. Be assured that the questions are all about the last product you bought and whether you loved it or not. Even if you say that it was not a good one, nobody will have war with you. The main reason for the survey is to improve the product. Just be genuine. After answering each question, you got to press ‘continue’ button. The questions are not too many.

  • Step 6: Give your details

After answering the few questions, you will be asked to fill in your details. It is this contact details that will be used to contact you if you happen to win anything on top of the discount coupon like the sweepstakes. If you give incorrect information, you may not enjoy the reason for taking your time in going through the essay.

Sample Popeyes survey questions

  • Did the product give met your demand?
  • How was the order accuracy?
  • What can you say about the product price?
  • What can you say about our public relations?
  • What do you recommend for improving the product?

Conclusion survey should be one of the studies that you should not let go. You are guaranteed that you are going to get a coupon even if you do not win other offers. It is practically not a waste of time. If you have ever purchased from the stores or you are planning to, take this opportunity to buy the next product at a cheaper amount.



What is a Popeyes platter?

Chicken Platter Includes two regular sides, biscuit, and bottled drink.

Does Popeyes have grilled chicken?

Popeyes has a new "Louisiana Leaux: Get Up and Geaux" menu of lower-calorie grilled chicken options. Ridiculous name aside, I actually expected good things from my leaux-down dinner of a Naked BBQ Chicken Po' Boy, Naked Chicken Wrap, and Naked Tenders Meal. ... Grilled white meat has its place.

What comes in a box at Popeyes?

For , you get either four pieces of fried chicken or six fried chicken tenders, plus two sides, two biscuits, and two cinnamon apple pies. The deal is basically a bigger version of the Bonafide Big Box that they've occasionally offered in the past.

Does Popeye's wings?

Popeyes Menu Prices. ... Although it mainly serves fried chicken such as wings, tenders, nuggets, legs, you can also find popcorn shrimp and a variety of sides like mashed potatoes with gravy, Cajun fries, Cajun rice, green beans, and biscuits on their menu.

Who is the real owner of Popeyes?

Alvin Charles "Al" Copeland (February 2, 1944 – March 23, 2008) was an American entrepreneur who created the Popeyes fast food chain. He was also a successful restaurateur who created many successful upscale restaurants.

What is Popeyes phone number?

1 (877) 767-3937Popeyes

How much is a large drink at Popeyes?

Popeyes Menu PricesFoodSizePriceSoft DrinkMedium.29Soft DrinkLarge.59Iced Tea1/2 Gallon.99Iced Tea1 Gallon.9977 more › popeyes-pricesPopeyes Menu Prices - Fast Food Menu › popeyes-prices

How do I report Popeyes?

Feedback. Please contact us at 1-877-POPEYES or 1-877-767-3937 or email us at if you have any feedback or suggestions as to how we could improve the accessibility of this website.

How much is a large drink at Popeyes?

Popeyes Menu PricesFoodSizePriceSoft DrinkMedium.29Soft DrinkLarge.59Iced Tea1/2 Gallon.99Iced Tea1 Gallon.9977 more › popeyes-pricesPopeyes Menu Prices - Fast Food Menu › popeyes-prices

Does Popeye's have chicken sandwiches?

Then, on Tuesday, it was all over — for now. Popeyes officially announced that the chicken sandwich sold out, only two weeks after its launch.