Talktosonic® – Official Sonic Drive-in Customer Experience Survey 2019

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Who doesn’t love a free drink? And what if this drink is all about taking a short survey and then you enjoy a drink from Talktosonic.

This is a short customer survey that allows the customers who visit sonic to leave their feedback about their experiences at various Sonic chains across the country. The feedback is valuable to this chain of restaurants and as many customers as possible are allowed to participate in the surveys.

The Sonic survey aims to help the company realize the diverse needs of the customers and use the information to improve on these needs and come up with better products and services that they offer.

About Sonic

Back in the day, there were drive-in restaurants all over the country, but most of these are long gone, save for one – Sonic Drive-in. This is the biggest chain of drive-in restaurants still existing, serving over 3 million customers across 45 states each day. The chain of restaurants boasts of nearly 60 years of history and 3,500 drive-in locations across the country.

As opposed to the common quick-service chains, Sonic locations allow the customer to pull up and park at the drive-in, or sit down, then car-hops deliver the food and drinks directly to the cars either on foot or roller skates. This offers the restaurants some advantages over the other restaurants. One of the top benefits is Sonic’s diverse menu, which can’t work for drive-thru chains.

Customers also have all the time to check out the menu and order. This is why the company decided to come up with a survey to help serve customers much better.

The incentive for Taking Part in the Sonic Drive-in Survey

When you partake in the survey, you get a coupon that you can redeem at Sonic stores across the country during your next visit. For convenience, you take the survey online, and the aim is to help improve the experience at the restaurant, and to help those customers who are thinking of taking food at one of the chains.

Who Qualifies?

The company only allows previous customers to their stores to take the survey. This is because it is all about customer satisfaction, something only a customer can know.

How Do You Participate to Survey?

There are a few prerequisites for undertaking the survey. It is good to understand these before you start the survey. Make sure you have all you need if you don’t want to get stuck in the middle of the survey, and to avoid wasting time.

So, what do you need?

  • A recent receipt from a Sonic restaurant (any part of the country) that is not older than 14 days after purchasing at Sonic Drive-in stores.
  • A device with an internet connection.
  • Ability to comprehend English or Spanish.

Armed with these requirements, the next step is to start the survey. Here are the steps.

Talktosonic Survey

  1. Open the Browser and Navigate to Official Survey Website

You will access the survey site via a browser, so fire up your favorite browser and then access the Talktosonic survey page at You are here: Home / Food Survey / | Get A Free Route 44 Drink Survey | Get A Free Route 44 Drink Survey.

This isn’t the only way to access the site, you can also search Google for talktosonic, and you will get various suggestions. Among the top suggestions are the ones that lead you directly to the survey page, choose the latest one (official guest satisfaction survey for Sonic Drive-in).

On getting to the page, you will find out the receipt you use shouldn’t be older than 14 days after the date of purchase at one of the stores. The aim is to use the latest data to come up with improvements to their services.

  1. Choose a Language

On the homepage, the default language is English, but there is a provision for Spanish (Espanol) as well. If you decide to use Spanish opposed to English, then click the blue link to take you to the survey page in Spanish. Remember to choose a language that you understand well so that it doesn’t become a problem later on.

You are unable to change the language when taking the survey, and you cannot go back to change the language setting when you are midway through the survey. So, make sure you choose the ideal language before you proceed.

  1. Enter the Invitation Code

This is the ID number found on your receipts. This number is located at the bottom of the receipt. After entering a valid ID number, you can click on the start button and start the survey.

You have to answer the questions as well as rate some scales. Be truthful and answer the questions according to your experience at the store. The questions are all about your latest experience at the store. The questions you come across are about:

  • Your satisfaction levels at the store in general.
  • What kind of menus you have ordered at the store on your last visit.
  • The quality of the drinks and food.
  • The quality level of the services and facilities.
  • How you were treated at the facility.
  • How frequently you use the stores.
  • Whether you can recommend the store to other people.
  • Why you rate the questions at the different levels.
  1. Enter Your Contact Information

After completing the questions satisfactorily, the last step is to leave your contact information. You also have the option to allow Sonic to send you the latest information such as offers, promotions, and new products. You can choose no if you don’t want the company to send you this information.

  1. Note Down the Validation Code

After completion, a validation code shows up that you need to note down. This validation code is the one that you use to redeem a free drink from the store.

After completion of the survey, you can go to the Sonic Drive-in restaurant you visited last time, show the coupon to the cashier and redeem it for a FREE Route 44. Remember the coupon cannot be used to make purchases for a different order. Additionally, the coupon is valid for 60 days only, don’t hesitate to redeem it.