Rite Aid® – Official Customer Experience Survey 2019

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Riteaid.com/storesurvey – A step by step guide

Rite Aid – history, facts, and interesting info

Rite Aid is an American drugstore chain whose headquarters in Pennsylvania. The company has approximately 4600 locations found in 31 different states and the District of Columbia. The company is one of the largest drugstore chains in the nation. In the East Coast of the United Store, it is the biggest company of its own, and it has created employment for more than 89,000 associates. The company was founded in the year 1962. The company is known for its ability to provide and deliver products and services that help people live a happier and healthier life.

Rite Aid Inside

Rite Aid Guest Satisfaction Feedback

Delivery of great service is the goal of every business and organizations need to find out what their customers want and how they feel. The customer survey is one way to achieve the required information. Rite Aid offers its clients a survey so that they can get feedback which they rely on to improve the overall experience of the customers. Rite Aid measures their customer’s fulfillment of their products and services through the survey at riteaid.com/storesurvey. The feedback is considered important and to encourage the customers to take part in the survey, the company enters its customers in sweepstakes somewhere they will have an opportunity to win $1100 cash in a check form or a grand prize of $1,000 cash in check.

Free Rite Aid Coupons

Upon completion of the surveys online, Rite Aid offers $3 out of $15 of their next purchase at Rite Aid coupon. The customers are supposed to tell about the company’s services and get this free coupon. The code received lasts for two weeks before it expires. Print the code after completing the survey and bring the coupon into Rite Aid to win the $3 of the next $15 purchase.

Terms and conditions of the $3 off coupon

The following rules apply for one to win the free coupon code;

  • The Rite Aid Survey website is open for everybody, and there are no charges required for one to enter the client’s survey. Anyone participating is eligible for the coupon code.
  • The participating individuals must be aged 18 years and above.
  • Every participant is allowed to one of the two surveys and earns one coupon code only.
  • The participants are not allowed to redeem the cash price they earn from the survey code but instead use the discount to do shopping.
  • The only way to get the free Rite Aid Coupons is by taking the online survey.
  • The Coupon is only valid for one in-store purchase which includes at least $15 of products within the store. After using it, the coupon barcode is then deactivated.

How to take the Riteaid.com/storesurvey?

The individuals interested in taking the Rite Aid Survey are asked to follow the following steps;

  1. There is a customer fulfillment survey website on riteaid.com/storesurvey in which a person is supposed to enter.
  2. The next step involves choosing the preferred language to continue with the process
  3. You will then get a notification telling the person that they will be given a chance to enter sweepstakes. The conditions to be qualified are that one must be legal U.S occupant of the age 18 years and above.
  4. Click at the link below the page to look at the sweepstakes guidelines.
  5. To start the process, one has to fill in the cashier code which is written above the Rite Aid page of the receipt; however, it should be known that the “#” sign should not be entered alongside the code.
  6. Fill in the 16-digit encryption below the Rite Aid receipt and then check in the next button to continue.
  7. Go ahead and answer simple little simple queries concerning ones ultimate fresh experiences at the Rite Aid store where you got your invite.
  8. Answer every question honestly.
  9. Upon completing the survey, one is asked to fill in the details about their names and phone numbers so that Rite Aid can contact you in case you get a chance to be the winner. Fill in the information and check in the next box to complete the process.
  10. The next message that will appear will be informing the person taking the survey that you entered the sweepstakes.

Samples of survey questions

The Rite Aid Survey asks questions concerning all the significant aspects of the services that the customers are likely to encounter during and after their visit. The questions revolve around aspects like cleanliness, the behaviors of the employee, checkout, and stock.

Customers are likely to encounter questions like;

  • What is your general experience upon visiting the store outlets?
  • Are the stores clean?
  • What is the quality of services offered by our employees?
  • Describe the quality of the products sold at the stores?
  • Is the paying process for the orders placed easy?
  • How can you describe the behavior of the staff and employees?
  • How was the placing order process?
  • What can you say about the pricing of the products and items sold?
  • How was the order accuracy?

From the above questions, it is right to say that the questions are simple and require simple answers, therefore, reducing the time consumed or spent in this activity.

Rite Aid Survey Tips

The Rite Aid is available through the riteaid.com. Which is the Rite Aid main website? In the Website, there are two types of surveys in which one has to choose one. However, both surveys have rewards upon their completion. The reward consists of an opportunity to participate in the Rite Aid Sweepstakes. All the individuals who fill in any of the Rite Aid surveys get a chance to participate in the sweepstakes. The participants are given a grand prize in of a $1000 in the form of a check. The prize is awarded every month for the one lucky sweepstakes participants. Besides the grand prize, there is a Rite Aid survey in which the participants can win one of the ten smaller prizes. These small prizes consist of $100, and it is given in cash.


The riteaid.com. is one of the simplest survey people should be encouraged to take. The time spent in answering the survey questions is not a waste of time since the participating individuals are assured of a reward at the end of the process. Such an offer helps save money and use the money to purchase other items. It helps the citizens to live a happier healthier life.