Results of a Recent Dating Survey 2019

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There was a recent dating survey by, and here are its results:

How many of your serious relationships began via online services?

  • 1,007 people answered this question:

There were no serious relationships: 48.6% (489)

  • 1-2: 40.8% (411)
  • 3-4: 7.6% (77)
  • 5-6: 1.2% (12)
  • 7+: 1.8% (18)

Almost half of the users (48.6%) said that they did not have long-lasting affairs that started via an online service.

518 users (51.4%) had long-lasting affairs that were quite serious. Of these, most had only 1-2 relationships. But at the same time, 3% of users stated that they had more than five serious affairs that began with the help of the Internet. If you are interested in finding out more survey information on this issue, then be sure to check out this survey conducted by Lunch Actually.

How long did the longest communication that you’ve had on a service for dating last?

Users of the services for dating exchange numerous messages after meeting each other. The number of these messages can reach several hundred or more. In the course of communication via international service for dating, due to more complex meeting logistics, people spend more time exchanging messages, so there are more of them. The EM asked its users about the number of messages that they usually send and the longest period of communication that they’ve had.

796 respondents answered this question.

I did not have any communication: 24.8% (205)

  • 1 day: 5% (41)
  • 2-7 days: 10.4% (86)
  • 1-4 weeks: 13.2% (109)
  • 1-6 months: 21.2% (175)
  • More than 6 months: 25.4% (210)

The most surprising thing was the fact that the majority of those who responded to the question communicated with a potential partner whom they’ve been dating online for more than six months: Every fourth user had online relationships that lasted more than six months.

Approximately the same number of survey participants has not yet had experience in dealing with other people that they’ve met on a service for dating.

Usually, (as according to other surveys) people meet someone already within one or two weeks after registration, after which they begin to communicate outside the service for dating, that is, they no longer log in to their account. Since the survey was conducted on an online service, it can be assumed that the majority of respondents were not in a relationship at that moment.

Thus, considering the number of users who were actively looking for a partner at that moment, every fourth user never communicated with another person via an online service, and the same number of users had long-term (six months and more) affairs via online services.

Approximately 15% of people told EM that they met someone in less than a week. Every third user had a communication that went on from one week to six months. If you want to meet a partner online, then be sure to visit the following website where you can find the most beautiful Russian bride online. Don’t miss out on this opportunity.

How many messages have you exchanged? (Texts that were received and sent)

558 respondents answered this question.

I did not have communication: 12.7% (71)

  • 1-2 messages: 10.6% (59)
  • 3-10 messages: 17% (95)
  • 11-50 messages: 21.1% (118)
  • 51-500 messages: 21.7% (121)
  • Over 500 messages: 16.8% (94)

Almost 60% of users sent and received more than ten messages with another person whom they met via an online service. Of these, 16.8% sent more than five hundred texts.

The largest percentage of people sent from fifty to five hundred messages (21.7%).

This shows that communication via online services is quite active. Therefore, services that operate on a membership-subscription model give their members better opportunities than those that require payment for each message (PPL, or Pay-Per-Letter). Requiring payment for each message reduces the desire of people to communicate because it will take more money out of their pocket.