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Nike – history, facts, and interesting info

Every single person in the world has one day wished to own a fancy shoe. Well, most people know or have heard about Nike. What is Nike? Nike is well-known cooperation that deals with design, development, manufacturing, marketing, and sales of footwear, apparel, equipment and accessories, and services. Apart from that Nike owns several brands like air force 1, Nike dunk, air max, Nike CR7Nike skateboarding; Nike golf, composite, as well as separate brands like brand Jordan, Converse and Hurley international. The beauty about Nike, particularly shoes is that they are famous among all groups of age. These shoes elevate and bring respect to the person wearing them.

Nike Story

However, did you that the original name was not Nike? Nike was initially called blue ribbon sport which changed to Nike on May 30, 1971. In my opinion, am honestly glad that they choose to change the name. Nick was founded back in January 25th1964 by Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight. In the beginning, Bowerman was a mentor and a coach to Knight, but their relationship grew with time and became excellent friends to the extent of starting a company together. Their logo and tagline “just do it” was said by a serial killer Gary Gilmore before his execution.

The headquarters of Nike is in Beaverton, Oregon. Nike is the world largest seller of apparel and athletic shoes. In the year 2012 alone their total revenue was 24.1 billion dollars, which shows that Nike is a multi-billion company. Wow! Many famous athletes are known to represent the company at the current time, for example, Tiger Woods among others. Nike is a public company that has shares of stock available for sale.

NIke History

MyNikeVisit’s survey client satisfaction feedback

The company uses the Nike survey to track down the comfort of their clients so that they can improve the shopping experience for the next clients. When you shop at any Nike or converse store, you will qualify to take the survey online. You can either choose a Nike survey or the MyConverseVisit survey, by doing this you get awarded a 10 dollars Nike, or 5 dollars converse gift card for your time.

Terms and condition of MyNikeVisit’s gifts

  1. The offer expires in 60 days, so you have to claim your offer before 60 days are over
  2. The survey is done in-person and not online or on the phone.
  3. This offer cannot be traded for cash or used retroactively.
  4. Gift cards can be used in-person in the United States Nike or Converse store.
  5. Before completing another survey, you must wait at least for seven days.
  6. The offer must be used alone.
  7. Offer can only be used one time.
  8. The consumer must be 13years of age.
  9. The client must be familiar with either of these languages Chinese, French Spanish or English.
  10. You must have a receipt from mynikevisit because the invitation survey code is on it.
  11. Must have an email that is regularly used.
  12. One must be a resident of the USA. If the customer is not from the U.S.A, he/she must visit specific web pages.
  13. You require to have a smartphone and an active internet connection.

How to take a MyNikeVisit’s survey

MyNikeVisit-na com

The instructions for making the study are straightforward. All you need to do is to follow the steps below:

  1. Visit a Nike or converse store physically and not on the phone or online and make a purchase.
  2. Keep your receipt.
  3. Make sure you have a device that can access the internet, go online and visit the Nike survey page,
  4. Select the survey language that you are familiar.
  5. Insert the Nike invitation code found on the receipt.
  6. Insert the details about Nike product and service starting performance of salesperson to product review.
  7. Put all your information like name, email or phone number.
  8. Make sure you answer all the survey questions asked honestly.
  9. When you are done answering you will be awarded free 10 dollars Nike gift card or a five dollars converse gift card.

You are expected to use the gift card within 60 days, failure to that it expires. If you are interested in filling in another survey, you will have to wait for at least 7days.

Samples of the survey questions

  1. Did you enjoy the services offered?
  2. Would you refer us to your friends and family?
  3. What would you like to be done differently when you come back?
  4. What is your favorite product from our brand?
  5. Should we expect you back again?
  6. How would you rate us compared to our competitors?
  7. Would you like us to add more products?
  8. How would you rate the quality of our shoes?
  9. How was the experience of shopping with us?
  10. What other ideas do you have in mind that you feel we can add to our offers?

MyNikeVisit Survey tip

Participants of the survey are assured to get 10 dollar Nike gift card if you visit a Nike store, or 5 dollars converse gift card if you visit a Converse store. If you are interested in being a part of this, kindly visit our website and complete the survey. Feel free to contact our website or customer care contact in case you get stuck when doing our review. Our round the clock customer care team is always willing to help. If you are a Nike customer be straightforward with your comments if you are not satisfied by any of our product mention it with a reason so that it can be sorted out.

For many years Nike has been counted among the best and successful athletic footwear and attire traders. There are 931 mike stores around the world which all together bring revenue of around 32k billion. What Nike users think about Nike is very important too. We strive in making sure that our consumer is content and fully satisfied with our product. What are you waiting for? Visit our Nike shop or converse store today and purchase any of our products that make you happy as our slogan states “just do it.” When you do that, don’t forget to fill in a survey to stand a chance of getting a gift card.



How do I get a Nike voucher?

During checkout, simply check the “Do you have a gift card, product voucher, or promo code?” box. Then enter your product voucher number to apply it to your order. If the product voucher doesn't cover the order total, you can use any accepted payment method to make up the difference.

How long does a Nike claim take?

Please note that it may take up to 10 additional business days for your payment method to reflect the refund. Most Nike gift cards and product vouchers will reflect the refund within 24 hours (you can check your balance online).

Does Nike have lifetime warranty?

We stand behind all of our shoes and gear. If your Nike shoes or apparel develop a material or workmanship flaw within two years of the manufacture date, we want to get you back in the game. If you believe your item is flawed, and it's within 30 days of your purchase, you may simply return it to us for a full refund.