KrogerFeedback® – The Official Customer Survey Guide 2019

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KrogerFeedback – a step by step guide

Kroger –  history, facts, and interesting info

Kroger History

Kroger was founded on 1883, in Cincinnati, Ohio, the U.S by a gentleman called Bernard Kroger. He was a son of a merchant but decided to save up his savings and start a grocery store at Pearly. With his determination to make his clients satisfied he had a saying that guided him which stated that “Be particular. Never sell anything you would not use yourself.” By 1930s, Kroger company was the first to have stores surrounded on all four sides by parking lots and became the first grocery chain to monitor product quality and test food offered to customers.

To this day Kroger is the largest supermarket chain revenue in the united states and the second largest in general retailer. The company is so big that it is the third largest private employer in the United States with over 443,000 employees. The purpose of Kroger was to feed the human spirit. Kroger associates and serve over 9milion customers daily.  Apart from being a general retailer the company manufactures and processes food for sale in its supermarkets. Kroger operates drug stores, jewelry stores, convenient stores, and multi-department stores throughout the United States. With all this information it is easy to tell that the net income for the company is quite high.

Kroger  feedback survey for customers

The main motto of Kroger is customer satisfaction. In order to maintain the quality and standard, officials take a review from their clients. They started a system which takes feedback from clients and improves their services. Anyone that is 18years and above is allowed to participate in the survey, as long as they have visited a Kroger store. The purpose of this survey is to get feedback from Kroger customers whether good or bad. By taking the survey you can win gifts like; gift cards, digital coupons, grocery cards, plus card and 50 fuel points. These gifts can be used when one makes any purchase on Kroger.

On the survey, several questions are asked to the customer about their experience with the service offered to them when they visited a Kroger’s shop. By answering the questions one stands a chance of winning100 nos. 100 grocery gifts cards, Kroger digital coupons, 50 Kroger fuel points or money prize of 5000 dollars on grocery gift cards.

KrogerFeedback survey requirements

To be able to take part in the survey you have to follow the terms and conditions. Here are the things required:

  • To take part in the survey one must be 18years of age or above.
  • You need to have an internet connection so that you can participate in Kroger customer survey. Any device can be used
  • You must have a Kroger receipt which is not older than 7 days, therefore, you must have made a purchase on any Kroger store within 7 days.
  • Must be familiar with either English or Spanish because the survey questions are available in those two languages.
  • Spend some of your time answering the questions; it takes around 12-15 minutes to answer all the questions given.
  • You must be from the United States of America to take part in the survey.
  • The prize limit is per person can win one prize.

Those are the most important things to follow when you are answering the survey questions.

How to take a Kroger survey


In case you get stuck while taking the survey, you can get assistance. Here are the steps to follow when taking a Kroger survey;

  • Open your preferred browser on your phone or computer.
  • Visit the official website to submit your shopping experience which is
  • Using your Kroger receipt enter date and time of your receipt and enter ‘Entry ID’ to begin the survey
  • The questions will be displayed one by one, following your latest visit you should answer all the question and share your shopping experience on the survey.
  • If interested in taking part in sweepstakes enter  your loyalty card details if you have and your contacts
  • When you are done, you will earn 50 fuel points and you have entered the sweepstakes.

Hope that the steps are clear and helpful. When you follow these steps you get an opportunity to win Kroger discount coupons or any other credit coupons.

Samples of the survey questions

These are some of the questions you might get on the survey;

  • Did you enjoy the food and services provided?
  • How often do you visit our outlets?
  • How adequate was the speed of the services?
  • Do you think you will visit us again?
  • Did the store have a family-friendly environment?
  • How would you rate the cleanliness?
  • Would you recommend us to any of your friends or family?
  • What are some of the changes you would have us do to improve our services?
  • How would you rate us as opposed to our competitors?
  • What other ideas do you have in mind that you feel we can add to our offers?
  • Which is your favorite product from the Kroger store?
  • What is your take on our employee’s behavior?

KrogerFeedback Survey tip

For all those who visit Kroger regularly and love it, then the customer feedback survey is for you. You can win free Kroger gift card or win Kroger fuel points by just completing the customer survey feedback. Can you imagine getting all that for just sparing you 12-15 minutes! Go to our website and complete the survey today. Feel free to contact our website or customer care contact in case you get stuck when doing our survey. Our round the clock customer care team is always willing to help.

Kroger being among the largest grocery retailer store in the United States it is important for us that our customer receives the best service as possible. We take it serious about how our clients think of our services and employees. By taking our survey it will help us make our company ten times better. The survey will allow you to give us new ideas and also give you an opportunity to speak out about how you feel about us.