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Jacklistens.com– a step by Jack In The Box survey guide

Headquartered in San Diego, Jack in the Box is a fast food chain established in 1951. Today, their presence is in 21 states having around 2, 000 locations and over 20, 000 employees. They are one enormous chain! Currently, they are inviting consumers to complete a survey named “Jack Listens” an invitation that’s published on each receipt. The company is offering a free discount coupon or in other words “Survey Reward”, as an appreciation for providing them with your valuable feedback. Obtaining your free Survey Reward is easy, simply follow the instructions then click the submit button to enter and finish the Jack Listens survey.

Jack in the Box History

The chain’s creator, Robert Oscar Peterson was a powerful restaurant proprietor before launching his first Jack in the Box, it was a very simple business model using a drive-thru service, at which he offered burgers for only 18 cents each. I guess if they brought back $0.18 hamburgers for an even a day this era they would get huge positive reviews on JackListens.com. A fairly spooky jack-in-a-box has been the evident attribute which hung proudly on the shop.

From 1960 they had approximately 180 shops. Among the more unique things relating to them was at this time they were company-owned, unlike a lot of fast food chains that are inclined to go down the franchise path for fast growth. The business was offered in ’68 to Ralston Purina, yes, the pet food business (I know, strange right?!) Nevertheless they climbed quickly and had TV commercials marketing them in the 70s. In only over 10 years that they grew to over 1,000 restaurants throughout the nation. They Began to get a little crazy with They’re advertisements in the coming years also:

In the 80s, they began to target themselves in a new and different marketplace, instead of competing with the big names like McDonald’s for its’ young children’ marketplace, they began organizing their meals in young professionals operating in town. Obviously, that meant they were going to wind up dropping the clown earlier or after (clowns are creepy anyhow). The clown was formally axed in the emblem in 1982. To reflect the requirements of the target clients (probably discovered through surveys like Jack Listens) they introduced more food choices to their own menu and now they provide a vast array of foods such as poultry, salads, tacos, fries, and Pannidos. In addition, they have breakfast and brunch specific menus.

What’s the JackListens.com Survey Reward?

The survey reward with this deal can vary based on timing and place. The two most Well-known awards are:

  • Buy One Get One Free Supreme Croissant or Jumbo Pack.
  • Two Free Tacos with any buying (even just a drink)

Make Sure You check your receipt and see exactly what your reward is. It might be one of them, or something entirely different.

JackListens.com Survey Homepage

The white and black JackListens.com homepage is in the theme the clown mascot playfully points into the middle of their page where they ask you to choose your language, either English or Spanish, so as to start the survey:

JackListens Survey Details

  • Language- English or Spanish
  • Purchase Required? – Yes
  • Max Entries- Unlimited
  • Coupon Valid For 7 Days
  • Receipt Valid For- 3 Days
  • Survey Reward-Varies (Free Coupon)
  • Survey URL- jacklistens.com
  • Survey Name- Jack Listens

JackListens.com Survey Rules & Eligibility

  • You must make a purchase to be qualified for this survey
  • Can’t be combined with other offers
  • Non-transferable
  • One coupon per guest per visit
  • Must use the coupon within seven days of taking the survey
  • You must take the survey within three days after receiving your receipt
  • You must have your receipt for you to take the survey
  • Employees or employee-affiliates not entitled

How to Complete the Jack Listens Survey


Follow these steps carefully to enter the jacklistens.com survey:

  • Step 1: Be sure to have a current receipt from Jack in the Box. If you do not already have one, go make a small purchase (for instance, inexpensive drinks) to acquire a receipt.
  • Step 2: Within three days of getting your receipt, visit jacklistens.com to start
  • Step 3: Then enter the 14 digit poll code located in your receipt and click on the “Right Arrow” button to begin the survey.
  • Step 4: Make sure to answer the survey questions along with your honest opinions
  • Step 5: In the very end of the poll, write the Validation Code in the area provided in your receipt (do not forget this step!) and there you have completed your survey.

JackListens.com Secret Survey Hack

The key survey hack many don’t understand is that one may simply take the JackListens poll each and every time you eat in a Jack in the Box. This usually means you’re entitled to receive two complimentary tacos each and every time you eat there.

Contact Jack in the Box


Mailing Address: JACK IN THE BOX INC.

9330 Balboa Ave.


Controversies and Fun Facts about Jack in the Box

Regrettably, the Business has had a few severe Incidents before that caused some severe controversy. In 1981, the plant which provided the food chain with their meat has been reported to have had a lot of horse meat which was labeled as beef. Four kids regrettably died from the epidemic and 600 other individuals were reported to have been infected because of undercooked meat. They had to fight a whole slew of suits and nearly went bankrupt in the procedure.

Despite these controversies, however, there is also a lot of Fun things to understand about Jack in the Box. They have a mascot using a full-on Life — narrative. His title, surprise, is Jack Box and he is nearly 7 ft. Tall includes a ping pong mind and is fluent in English and Spanish. He has a Spouse called a son, Jack Jr… That is some serious advertising and marketing efforts. If You Would like to read more about this rather creepy looking literary personality, you may go over to their site. Record, such as the strangest thing…the planet’s largest voucher! Needed to be redeemed in order for it to be classed as a voucher. They clearly could not get it at the shop. Obviously, the drive-thru group the coco plead to be performed by 12 individuals! Adhering to the stunt, they permitted anybody who took an Image of this monster voucher to acquire BOGOF in their Buttery Jack burger. I Suspect offer published on the rear of receipts to your JackListens survey is a more economical method of doing things.



Is Jack in the Box a clown?

In 1995, Foodmaker launched an advertising campaign that featured Jack as the company's fictional founder, CEO and ad pitchman. Longtime customers will remember Jack as a clown who formerly served atop the company's family-friendly drive-thru speaker box.

Is Jack in the Box owned by Purina?

Ralston Purina operated the company as a wholly-owned subsidiary. Under Ralston Purina, Jack in the Box restaurants underwent a major expansion in an effort to penetrate the eastern and midwestern markets, and the business grew to over 1,000 restaurants by 1979.

Who Jack from Jack in the Box?

THE MAN BEHIND “JACK BOX” IS A TOTAL CHARACTER, TOO. Actor and ad man Richard “Dick” Sittig lends his voice to Jack Box's big white head, but he has also been nurturing and shaping the character and masterminding Jack commercials since 1995.

Is Burger King and Jack in the Box owned by the same company?

Burger King. Burger King, often abbreviated as BK, is the world's second-largest fast food chain and competitor of Jack in the Box. ... After Insta-Burger King ran into financial difficulties in 1954, its two Miami-based franchisees, David Edgerton and James McLamore, purchased the company and renamed it Burger King.

How do I report a Jack in the Box?

Jack in the Box complaints contactsCall Customer Care on 1-858-522-4716.Visit Customer Care Contact Form.Call Headquarters on 1-858-571-2121.Tweet Jack in the Box.Follow Jack in the Box.Watch Jack in the Box.www.complaintsdepartment.com › jack-in-the-boxJack in the Box Complaintswww.complaintsdepartment.com › jack-in-the-box

Where is Jack in the Box headquarters?

San Diego, CAJack in the Box

What should I get at Jack in the Box?

The Best Things To Eat At Jack In The Box489 130. Seasoned Curly Fries.493 152. Two Tacos.326 126. Jack's Spicy Chicken.196 80. Taco Combo.311 139. Sourdough Jack.183 79. Stuffed Jalapeños.136 59. Monster Taco.175 82. Egg Rolls.More items...www.ranker.com › list › best-jack-in-the-box-menu-items › ranker-foodRanking Jack in the Box Menu Items | Best Foods at Jack in the Boxwww.ranker.com › list › best-jack-in-the-box-menu-items › ranker-food

How many Jack in the Box locations are there?

Jack in the Box is an American fast-food restaurant chain founded February 21, 1951, by Robert O. Peterson in San Diego, California, where it is headquartered. The chain has 2,200 locations, primarily serving the West Coast of the United States.

How do I report a Jack in the Box?

Jack in the Box complaints contactsCall Customer Care on 1-858-522-4716.Visit Customer Care Contact Form.Call Headquarters on 1-858-571-2121.Tweet Jack in the Box.Follow Jack in the Box.Watch Jack in the Box.www.complaintsdepartment.com › jack-in-the-boxJack in the Box Complaintswww.complaintsdepartment.com › jack-in-the-box

How do I contact Jack in the Box?

Phone Number: The Jack in the Box headquarters phone number is 1-858-571-2121. You can also call the guest relations department at 1-858-522-4716. Call between 5 a.m. and 9 p.m. Monday to Wednesday, 5 a.m. to 12 a.m. Thursday and Friday, 7 a.m. to 12 a.m.