Dandb-survey.com – Dave & Buster’s Guest Survey – 2019

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When you complete your wholesome experience at Dave and Buster’s, head to their survey site and leave some feedback on how they can make your experience much better. Today we look at the requirements as well as the prizes for the survey and tell you why you need to fill it out. Keep reading.

About Dave and Buster’s

The names give you an idea of how the company started – as two separate trades, an entertainment facility and a restaurant way back in the 70s. These two owners came together and decided to merge the business, and went ahead to open up various locations around the country. As we speak, there are over 80 Dave and Busters across the country.

Each company location has a video arcade and a full-service restaurant. Dave took the name first because he won a coin toss when deciding whose name should come first.

What is This Survey?

The Dave and Buster’s survey is a customer satisfaction survey to help get information from customers that have had an experience with any of the locations. The information the company gets from the survey is aimed at making the guest experience the best according to your needs.

The questionnaire is basically a set of questions that address the various aspects related to your experiences such as the quality of the food, the staff and the service you receive as well as the diversity of the games that you access at all the locations. At the end of the survey, you get a coupon that you can use at any of the locations countrywide.

For the survey to be relevant and efficient, it must uncover the needs of the guests as well as their perceptions, improve loyalty and help the business to implement these changes. This survey is important to Dave and Buster’s, as it measures how satisfied you are with their services. Doing this helps you to expect more from the business each time you visit it.

It is also a way to communicate with you. At least you now know that the company takes your opinion seriously and would love to hear from you regarding their services. Your opinion matters and your feedback is crucial to help change the direction of the company.


To be eligible for the dnbsurvey.com – Dave & Buster’s Guest Satisfaction Survey Dave & Buster’s Guest Satisfaction Survey Offer, you need to be a previous customer of one of the stores across the county, be over 18 years of age and be eligible to take part in the survey according to the rules of the state.

What Do You Win?

Providing feedback via the survey helps you communicate your complaints to the right department. At the end of the survey, you also get the chance to sign up for the Dave and Buster’s rewards program. Registering for the program gives you $10 free to use for playing games at any location. You also get monthly emails that give you a special access to savings, and you also earn reward points that you can use to buy meals at the different locations countrywide.

Starting the Survey

Before you can start the survey, you need to have a receipt from the latest purchase (or any other), a reliable internet connection, a mobile device or a laptop, and elementary English knowledge.

Visit the Dave and Buster’s guest satisfaction survey page at https://dandb-survey.com/. Enter the 15-digit ID that is printed on the receipt to unlock the survey. It is important to enter only the digits and avoid the dashes. You can only use one code at one time. Enter the date and the code on the back of your power card (if you are already a member).

You also need to know that using the “back” button takes you off the survey page, and you have to start all over. Many users think that it takes them a step back but this isn’t the case. Therefore, make sure you take great care to answer the questions as required and only press the proceed button when you have certified the correctness of the answers on the page.

You can contact the company through their Facebook page, or use any of the following methods:

Phone Number: 888-300-1515 (Monday through Friday, 8 AM to 5 PM)
After Hours Phone Number: 800-842-5369